“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together”  — Desmond Tutu

About One Heart:
"One Heart"
(One Heart: Music for an Awakening World)
Brother ChiSing and Gary Floyd
This song is very special to my heart because it came to me during meditation in the early Spring of 2009. Every morning before breakfast, I enjoy about an hour of silent meditation, aware of my breath, centered in my body, with my heart open to the love and generosity of Life, of each miraculous moment. As thoughts come and go like clouds, I allow them to drift by without attachment, in the vast, spacious, clear Sky of simple Awareness, Presence and Being-ness. However, on one particular morning, about 30 minutes into my meditation, a melody began to play in my mind. At first, I tried to let it go and re-focus on my breath, but the melody kept persisting. After going back and forth between the melody and my breath for about 10 minutes, I finally decided to just surrender to the melody, stop my meditation for now, and see if there was a message here for me. As I did so, I began to hear words with the melody, so I wrote them down, and after just a few minutes, I had the basic outline of the song "One Heart." However, it was not quite complete. And so, I called up my friend Gary Floyd, and together we completed the music and lyrics of the song, effortlessly and joyfully. I love this process because it is such a beautiful metaphor for how Life works. An individual can receive a seed of inspiration in his or her heart, but he or she still needs others to help it grow and become full and complete. Community makes for a more balanced and well-rounded spirituality. "Angels have only one wing; they need each other to fly."
      ~ Brother ChiSing
"One Heart" lyrics:
One Heart, One Life
We are One Family, One Earth
One Heart, One Life
We are One Family, One Earth

And together we can make a difference in our world
Every creed and color, every boy and girl
All of Creation, no separation
We are One, One Heart

And even though it seems we are so far apart
And many times we're feeling all alone
The truth of who we are has been here from the start
We are One Heart
Lead vocals: Brother ChiSing
Backup vocals: Gary Floyd, Charity,
Instrumentalists: Gary Floyd (piano),
Cornell Kinderknecht (flute),
Steve Browne (guitar, bass, drum programming),
Tom Prasada-Rao (violin, tabla)
Music coach: Michael Gott
Special thanks to Robin Hackett
Producers: Brother ChiSing, Steve Browne
Recorded and engineered by Steve Browne

Audio samples:
 "One Heart" by Brother ChiSing

All tracks:
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Message from Brother ChiSing:

I want to thank all the wonderful musicians and friends on this compilation CD who donated their songs to this music project. Their generosity will enable me to complete my own personal CD project Breath of Life: Music for Mindful Living. Half of the proceeds will go toward charity organizations which help humans, animals and the environment. And it will also go toward scholarships for those in need of retreats, workshops and classes on meditation.

Everyone on this CD (with one exception) has shared his or her music at one of my meditation groups and retreats. Most of them live in the DFW metroplex (who would have thought so much creativity could come from Dallas, Texas!). I decided to add Shivananda Thomas Amelio at the last minute because his rendition of John Astin's signature song is so moving, pure and beautiful. And truly, that song "Love, Serve, and Remember" just says it all.

I dedicate this CD to Mildred Lotus Penk, my first music teacher, who passed away upon the completion of this project. She was not only a music teacher to me, but also a spiritual mentor, friend and model of true humanity. She was a kind, gentle and humble soul, full of generosity and faith. I am so grateful that I had the precious opportunity to spend quality time with her in the days, weeks and months before her passing. Thank you, Millie, for believing in me! I know you are dancing with the angels now. Blessings!

In gratitude,
Brother ChiSing

Thanksgiving 2009

Musicians contributing to One Heart:
"Walk Beside Me"
(Walk Beside Me)
Kerri Arista

Gary Floyd

"for the god whose name i used to know"
(Dirty Little Secret)
Cary Cooper

"I Begin to See Your Face"
(Out of the Blue)
Tom Prasada-Rao

"Thankful, I Am"
(Flower in the Rain)
Robin Hackett

"This is Love"
(Till the End of Time)
Jason & DeMarco

"Mother's Hands" (instrumental)
Cornell Kinderknecht

"There is a Light"
(Perfect Mystery)
Stefan Mitchell
(written by John Astin)

"You Are Love"
(You Are Love)

"Everything Belongs"
(Pilgrims to a New World)
Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan

"Welcome to this Circle"


"Love, Serve, and Remember"
(Inner Quest)
Thomas Amelio

Shelly Niebuhr

"I Will Make a Quiet Place"
(Come Together)
Michael Gott

Jodi Roberts

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